Coin Position

Is it possible to guess whether a coin will fall flat on its side or on edge?

We will drop a coin several times from different heights to see which way it falls. We may need to drop it from reasonable heights so we have a chance to see which way it is falling. Also we may need more than one person observing as it could be easy to miss it. We also may need to try it with a few different coins as there may be a difference from coin to coin.


Our results were that the coin fell on is edge more than it fell flat. For around every 3 times it fell on its edge, it fell flat twice - a rough 3:2 ratio. It didn't make a difference how we dropped it, or the height we dropped it from - the results stayed the same.
If we did go to the top of the Empire State Building and drop a penny, there's no way of telling which way it would fall.

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